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The Giraffes – Flower Of The Cosmos

Posted on: May 8th, 2019 by Sky Spooner

The Giraffes are a cult band from Brooklyn that has been leveling crowds with their signature mixture of heavy rock, punk, metal and surf since 1996. A well-earned reputation for mayhem has followed the band from the start. Their guitarist was shot in the leg outside of a White Castle late one night in Brooklyn after being accosted by an off-duty fire marshal with an itchy trigger finger. The bullet is still lodged in his knee. Their singer has suffered multiple Sudden Cardiac Death events. He has a defibrillator implanted in his chest which has erroneously shocked him on stage. During a show at Chicago’s legendary Double Door, it sent 700 volts directly into his heart 3 times in 30 seconds. He finished the set.

They have toured with Local-H, Eagles of Death Metal, The Vacation and Skeleton Key, sharing the stage with Interpol, Fishbone, the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, the Strokes. They have played Amsterjam, Voodoofest, Monolith, SXSW, Bonnaroo, CMJ, Northside and more. Giraffes music can be heard in the video game Guitar Hero and the 2017 Sundance Festival winner movie “I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore”.

Kittie – Origins Evolutions – A Documentary

Posted on: March 6th, 2018 by Sky Spooner


Thrust into heavy metal stardom as teenagers since their debut release, Kittie has thrashed and conquered the heavy metal world for more than twenty years. With six albums, over two million in sales and OzzFest co-headliners on their resume, Kittie has defied industry norms, fought back against women in rock stereotypes, and inspired generations around the globe since they appeared. Now for the first time, they are sharing their untold story about the importance of family, perseverance, and the upside-down hurricane of rock n roll that includes a rotating line up of bandmates, on-going lawsuits and the pressure to live up to the expectations that put them on the map. Generously peppered with archival footage shot by the band, this film gives you an honest and brutal look at what it takes to survive in the music industry and the price of following your dreams.

Buddy Rich – Channel One Set

Posted on: September 7th, 2017 by Sky Spooner

Is this some kind of magician’s trick Mr. Rich is putting on us? – that we really don’t hear or see what we think we do? I recall standing with Shelly Manne and Bobby Rosengarden at the Nice Jazz Festival in 1978. We stood to the right side of the bandstand so Shelly and Bobby could watch Buddy’s right foot! Just his right foot! After the set, they looked at each other in disbelief. It was obviously an illusion they had seen.

During a Rich engagement in Los Angeles some years ago, twenty-two drummers were in the audience. At the conclusion of the”Channel One Suite” half of them were openly crying. One should not try to explain the magician’s trick-once you know the modus of operandi, the thrill is gone. So keep your secrets, Buddy Rich, and let the audience forever be amazed and in wonderment of your art. The Great Unus may have retired, but Traps, The Drum Wonder makes us all believers.

– Johnny Carson


Buddy Rich – The Lost Tapes

Posted on: September 7th, 2017 by Sky Spooner

In April 1985 — two years before his untimely passing — Buddy Rich and his band recorded a concert at One Pass Productions’ King Street Studio in San Francisco using state-of-the-art equipment designed to capture the band “in a typically ‘live’ . . . setting with natural acoustic balances and three-dimensional imaging. The concert, the last one Buddy ever recorded for video release, was divided into two nearly hour-long programs, the “Channel One set and the “West Side Story set. “Channel One was distributed by Pioneer on laser disc and Sony on VHS, but a far grimmer fate awaited “West Side Story. The masters were stored at One Pass, which a few years later was sold to Editel. In 1990, when a fire swept through the Editel facility, the tapes were soaked in water and presumably destroyed.

Ten years later Steve Michelson, the owner of One Pass and executive producer of the King Street session, and producer Gary Reber were working together on another project when they began talking about the concert in ’85 and musing about how marvelous it would be if Buddy’s last recording could somehow be released on DVD. Michelson thought the master tapes had been lost in the fire, but as it turned out, Reber had master and sub-master tapes stored away, along with the U-Matic digital audio originals, a box of one-inch tapes with behind-the-scenes footage, and Betamax tapes.

Needless to say, everything was in wretched condition, and restoring the tapes would be no walk in the park. But Michelson and Reber—with expert technical help—set about doing it, painstakingly overhauling audio and video components, then carefully combining them into a seamless whole The result, as you’ll see and hear on The Lost Tapes, is worthy of a Michelangelo or a Rembrandt. I’ve heard far worse from tapes that hadn’t been through a fire or submerged in water.

Video and audio quality are in fact quite good, as is the camera work, and the band—well, it’s at the peak of its game, as was any ensemble led by the incomparable Buddy Rich (and it had better be—or else!). Buddy, of course, is the dynamo that fuels the engine, but everyone else is up to the challenge in a concert that includes such demanding charts as “Mexicali Nose, “Willowcrest, “The Red Snapper and Bill Reddie’s superlative arrangement of the “West Side Story medley that includes two of Buddy’s breathtaking extended drum solos. Rounding out the program are Monk’s “‘Round Midnight, Ellington’s “Cotton Tail, Don Piestrup’s “New Blues and Mike Manieri’s “Tee Bag, the last performed by Buddy, pianist Bill Cunliffe and bassist Dave Carpenter.

The standout soloist is long-time Rich crew chief Steve Marcus, who died a few months ago at age 61. Marcus is a marvel on tenor (“Nose, “Willowcrest, “Midnight, “Cotton Tail ) or soprano (“New Blues ). Cunliffe is impressive too, as are Carpenter, trumpeter Paul Phillips, alto Bob Bowlby (“Snapper ) and tenor Brian Sjoerdinga (“West Side Story ). But the biggest kick of all is watching Buddy, perched high above the band and simply doing everything right (I can think of no better description), a 67-year old whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm who never slackens the pace. His sweat-soaked face and body at the end of “West Side Story” bear more eloquent testimony than mere words ever could that no one gave more of himself to the music than Buddy — which is why he could demand the same from his sidemen.

Michelson and Reber should be given a medal for their perseverance in doing so. This is a remarkable [film], one that no fan of the great Buddy Rich should let pass.

Personnel: Buddy Rich: drums, leader; Steve Marcus: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone; Mark Pinto, Bob Bowlby: alto saxophone; Brian Sjoerdinga: tenor saxophone, flute; Jay Craig: baritone saxophone; Scott Bliege, Mike Davis: trombone; James Martin: bass trombone; Paul Phillips, Eric Miyashiro, Michael Lewis, Joe Kaminski: trumpet; Bill Cunliffe: piano; Dave Carpenter: electric bass.

Tracks: Mexicali Nose; Willowcrest; ‘Round Midnight; Cotton Tail; New Blues; Tee Bag; The Red Snapper; West Side Story (Overture and Medley).



Tight Fright – Hotel Metal

Posted on: March 29th, 2017 by Sky Spooner

Originally from Tucson, AZ, Miles Gabriel Bartlett (guitar, vocals), Erik Ketchup (bass, vocals), and Aharon “Carlos Danger” Lund (drums) started writing together in 2008 under the name Cadillac Steakhouse. In 2013 they relocated to Brooklyn NY and started a new band with the addition of Jericho Starr Davidson (drums, vocals) under the name “Big Bitch” aka “Meryl Streep” aka “Liberace Indian Peacock Spaceship”, finally creating the tyrannical, obtuse, indecent monster known as “Tight Fright” in 2016. They have been described as equal parts  “Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band wandering the desert, tripping on peyote with Motörhead, leaving a trail of empty baggies and beer bottles, giving zero fucks, (except for a good joke), so long as the good times keep-a-rollin.” Their debut album “Hotel Metal” was released on February 24th, 2017 via Silver Sleeve Records.
Fun facts:
– Jericho won a national Budweiser competition
– Ketchup has one wizard eyelash
– 50 percent of the band is uncircumcised
– 50 percent of the band study juijitsu
– 50 percent of the band is drums.
– 100 percent of the band totally RIPS

The Loft Club – Heart’s Desire

Posted on: October 3rd, 2016 by Sky Spooner
  1. 1. The Loft Club - Heart's Desire 3:45

“Nothing Short of Sensational” – BBC Introducing


Introducing The Loft Club, purveyors of stomping, heartfelt, sixties tinged guitarpop.

Comparisons range from Buffalo Springfield, Fleetwood Mac and The Byrds through to Ryan Adams and Noel Gallagher, a broad sonic palette unified by soaring harmonies and singalong choruses.

Formed from a string of chance meetings at shows and house parties The Loft Club release their debut EP ‘Heart’s Desire’ on October 14th via LightYear Entertainment/Caroline/Universal Music.

The EP was recorded with award winning producer Jolyon Holroyd at Valvetastic Studios and mixed out in LA by The Smashing Pumpkins collaborator Kevin Dippold and Mastered by Pete Maher (Noel Gallagher/U2/Jack White).

The band’s debut album is due for release in 2017.

The Giraffes – Usury

Posted on: September 17th, 2015 by Sky Spooner

From 1996 to 2015, the Brooklyn-based Giraffes have shredded, burned, and leveled every audience from their hometown of NYC to the Sunset Strip, and back again. Lead singer Aaron Lazar and guitar wizard Damien Paris form the focus of the band supported by the locomotive rhythm section of maniac drummer Andrew Totolos and latest Giraffe, Josh Taggart on bass.

The Giraffes formed in 1996 consisting of founding members: guitarist Damien Paris, drummer Andrew Totolos and bassist Tim Kent in a small room in Williamsburg Brooklyn. The trio’s unconventional mix of heavy indie-rock and surf made them a bill filler and in 1998 they released “Franksquilt”. However it was not until singer Aaron Lazar joined in 2000 that the band found it’s true shape. “Helping you Help Yourself” released in 2002 is a raw testament to the explosive energy of the four piece blending Paris’s ferocious riffage with the bellowing croons of Lazar’s sardonic lyrics. It was at this time the band began to get a reputation as a wild live act.

2002 saw the departure of Kent from the band and introduced John Rosenthal who would remain with the Giraffes until 2008. With Rosenthal committed, the band would go onto release three studio albums starting with the EP “A Gentleman Never Tells“ (2003), the Self- Titled album “The Giraffes” (2005) and the thunderous “Prime Motivator” (2008). It was during this heyday that the band suffered several bizarre set backs. In 2002 after a frenetic show at Brooklyn’s Club LUXX, Paris and friends got into a late night altercation outside of a White Castle where Paris was shot in the leg. In the beginning of 2005 Aaron Lazar suffered two heart attacks and a seizure, resulting in the implantation of a defibrillator in the singers chest. He remains “idiopathic” meaning his condition is new to medical science. In the summer of 2005 Lazar was defibrillated three times in half a minute while performing onstage at Chicago’s Double Door. He finished the set. Songs such as “BLCKNTWHTCSTL” off The Giraffes Self-Titled album and several songs from “Prime Motivator” reference these events.

The Giraffes live shows, now notorious for fierce musicality and unbridled audience participation, generated an intense and extremely dedicated fan base. Touring alongside stalwarts such as Local-H, Eagles of Death Metal, The Vacation and Skeleton Key, as well as sharing the stage with Interpol, FishboneYeah Yeah Yeah’s, The Strokes and bookings at the Amsterjam, Voodofest, Monolith, SXSW and Bonnaroo festivals expanded their audience that by 2010 the Giraffes were a nationally recognized independent act despite never having had a booking agent or steady label support.

In 2009 bassist John Rosenthal decided to leave the band and was quickly replaced by Jens Carstensen, who would join them in the writing and recording their epic album “Ruled” (2011). “Ruled” proved to be Lazars’ swan song as band members began to explore other projects. At a February 2011 show at Mercury Lounge, Lazar declared, “If we don’t make it big by the end of this show, I’m fucking quitting” and in fact, he did.

The Giraffes continued to operate without Lazar on lead vocals releasing an album of rarities and B-Sides: “Farewell Fat Astronaut” (2012) and later the ecclectic “Tales of the Black Whistle” (2013), which featured the vocal talents of Brianna Wanlass and Kimberly Paige Valor.

2014 brought reunion concerts with Lazar back at the helm of the band. The sold out shows in Brooklyn and Denver reunited fans from across the continent and, bolstered by their support, the Giraffes began working on new material for the first time since 2011. The band is currently working on its sixth full length record entitled “Usury” which will be released digitally Oct 2nd, 2015. CD and Vinyl will street January 29th 2016.

Silver Sleeve Records

Posted on: September 5th, 2015 by Sky Spooner

Excited to announce the foundation of Lightyear imprint Silver Sleeve Records and it’s first signing: The Giraffes! Based in Brooklyn, Silver Sleeve is dedicated to releasing Hard/Fast/Loud/Punk/Psych/Surf/Metal music from stunning emerging artists all over the globe.

The Giraffes Press Kit

Silver Sleeve Records Site


The Call – Featuring B.R.M.C.

Posted on: July 22nd, 2015 by Steve Wilkison
  1. 1-01 Everywhere I Go 5:15
  2. 1-02 I Still Believe 5:45
  3. 1-03 I Don't Wanna 5:36

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s Robert Levon Been Pays Tribute To Late Father’s Legendary Band The Call!

Much to the excitement of music fans worldwide, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s Robert Levon Been pays tribute to his late father, Michael Been, with an unforgettable live performance fronting his father’s legendary band The Call in the upcoming live album ‘The Call Live Tribute With Robert Levon Been’.

“What a joy it has been to reconnect with the band and the fans. I don’t know how Robert pulled this off, but there were times during the show that I was not sure what year it was” – Jim Goodwin

Check out the premiere of the video for “I Still Believe.”

While The Call (Michael Been, Tom Ferrier, Jim Goodwin and Scott Musick) got their official start in Santa Cruz, CA in 1979, its roots as a band go back to Michael Been’s childhood in Oklahoma City, where seeing Elvis Presley perform on television changed the course of his life. That early interest in musical performance inspired his career, from the very beginning performing at the age of seven on local radio and television programs, to his eventual move to Chicago at the age of 16, where he was drawn into the blues scene by Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson, and Junior Parker. Been eventually made his way to California, where he connected with drummer Scott Musick, as well as Tom Ferrier (guitar, vocals) and Jim Goodwin (keyboards, vocals) to form The Call.

Despite having their initial demos rejected by all the major labels, the band found themselves in demand by nearly every major producer in America. The Call’s debut album was ultimately produced by Hugh Padgham (David Bowie, The Police) and the band were suddenly opening acts for major artists including Peter Gabriel and Simple Minds.

The Call were signed to Mercury, Elektra and MCA, and released seven critically acclaimed albums over the next eight years, featuring several iconic hit songs including “Let The Day Begin” and “I Still Believe (Great Design).” In 1997, after a seven year break, the band reformed to release the album Heaven & Back, before disbanding once more. Michael Been began serving as sound engineer for his son Robert Levon Been’s band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, but passed away from a heart attack while working backstage at the 2010 Pukkelpop festival in Belgium.

Now after twenty years, The Call reunited at legendary Los Angeles venue The Troubador and gave an incredible live performance with Robert Levon Been stepping into his father’s role and joining Musick, Ferrier and Goodwin for the one-of-a-kind event. For Robert – who grew up going out on the road with The Call anytime he had a break from school – the performance offered the chance to honor his musical legacy and perform nearly a dozen and a half songs from the band’s esteemed catalog. And for original members Musick, Ferrier and Goodwin, the show allowed them the opportunity to honor their friend and their own musical legacy while revisiting a bond they thought was gone forever.

“The Call was always about a deep spiritual connection and an examination of life from an intense personal perspective. Now, we have the son doing a tribute to his father that has taken it to a new level…a truly joyous noise after a 25 year silence.” – Jim Goodwin

‘The Call Live Tribute With Robert Levon Been’ is available as a DVD+CD Deluxe Set and is also be available on CD, 180 gram double vinyl, and digitally (with 5 extra bonus tracks).


Ocean Carolina – All The Way Home

Posted on: July 22nd, 2015 by Steve Wilkison
  1. Don't Break Your Promise Ocean Carolina 5:50
  2. Should I Ocean Carolina 4:57
  3. Women And Wine Ocean Carolina 3:46

All The Way Home was recorded and produced by bandmates Michael Simone and Alex Cox in a house off of the bay of the North Fork of Long Island and in an art loft in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The North Carolina natives focused on using analog gear to create an organic space to capture the moments dictated by this collection of songs.

Joining the band for this journey includes Caitlin Cary (Whiskeytown) on backing vocals and violin, Jon Graboff (Ryan Adams, Shooter Jennings) on pedal steel, with Peele Wimberley (The Connells) and Jeff Gensterblum (Small Brown Bike) on drums. Layered with the lead vocals and guitars of Michael Simone, the melodic bass guitar of Alex Cox and the 70’s era-Clapton influenced stylings of UK import Chris Buckle on lead guitar and backing vocals, the body of Ocean Carolina was complete.

Merging the classic Outlaw country sound of Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, a touch of folk from Neil Young, and a love of bands the likes of The Cure, Oasis and Pink Floyd, Simone crafted the ten songs that would become All The Way Home.

Ocean Carolina made their debut in the Spring of 2011 with the 5 song EP, Leave On. Lead Vocalist and Songwriter, Michael Simone, moved from coastal North Carolina to Brooklyn and found himself writing songs that were reminiscent of the AM radio that became synonymous with trips to the barber shop he took as a child. Small glass bottles of Coca-Cola, the Grand Ole Opry, and Classic Country manifested themselves in the band’s creation and helped Ocean Carolina to establish its identity in clubs across New York City.

My Old Kentucky Blog raves,“Five songs of airtight songwriting, tasteful arrangements and a vibe that approximates Harvest Moon-period Neil Young or the Marks (Eitzel and Kozalek), without getting bogged down in their obsessions and idiosyncrasies. These guys are good. Real good.”

“Gone to Ocean Carolina in my mind. – Now, here is a very nice, very catchy, smooth sailing EP. The band operates in a continuum of Ryan Adams, Grant Lee Buffalo, Tequila Sunrise-era Eagles, Mazzy Star if the singer was a boy and not a girl, bright beautiful sunny mornings and quiet, colorful sunsets in the mountains. Lots of lush steel guitar and warm strummy tones …No lie, this is sweet sweet stuff.” – Bruce Warren / WXPN

“Leave On” expertly recalls one of those classic country/rock laments of the 70s, where a dirgelike pace and the dual lonesome wails of pedal steel and harmonica recall Neil Young and the Flying Burrito Brothers. Led by North Carolina-raised songwriter Michael Simone – is full of the roadhouse slowdance fare found in the title track… We’re looking forward to a full-length album…” – Direct Current