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In Burning Annie, Max is a college student whose romantic universe is defined by the so-called “cautionary tale” of the Woody Allen film, Annie Hall. Max can only reach out to the world through his confessional: a radio show that he prays nobody listens to, leading him to volunteer for ever-more-remote time slots in the schedule. Max’s friends are hardly much help. There’s Charles, the schmoozy thespian and Rat Pack wanna-be; Sam, whose long-term relationship with his girlfriend Jen is now held together mostly by emotional inertia; Amanda, the sensitive Ani DiFranco fan who can’t get through to the inscrutable Scott; Beth, who was Max’s closest friend in college until a disastrous date ruins their friendship, possibly forever; and Julie, the beautiful co-ed who crashes into Max’s life by becoming his radio show’s only audience member. The most important person in Max’s life, however, is Annie Hall. When Charles suggests that Max’s favorite movie (and favorite obsession) is sabotaging his romantic relationships, Max resists the idea, but quickly finds plenty of evidence to support the theory. Does the problem lie with Max and his friends, or is a 20-year-old movie about failed relationships causing this 20-year-old’s relationships to fail?