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How long do deposits take and what do they cost?

The time it takes for Lightyear to receive funds you send depends on things like:
  • The currency you’re sending
  • Payment method used
  • When the deposit/withdrawal was sent (e.g. banking hours, weekends, bank holidays, etc.)
  • The amount
Lightyear doesn’t charge for local bank transfers but there may be fees from your sending bank or for different payment methods. See the relative costs in the table below.
CurrencyPayment MethodEstimated timeReceiving fees
EURInstant bank transfer (SEPA)0 - 2 hoursFree
Regular bank transfer (SEPA)0 – 2 business daysFree
Debit card, Apple Pay, Google PayInstantFirst €500 lifetime free, 0.5% after
SWIFT3 – 5 business daysFree*
GBPFPS 0 - 2 hoursFree
CHAPS1 business dayFree
Debit card, Apple Pay, Google PayInstantFirst €500 lifetime free, 0.5% after
BACS3 business daysFree
SWIFT3 – 5 business daysFree*
USDACH (most common)1 – 2 business daysFree
FedWire1 business dayFree
SWIFT3 – 5 business daysFree*
HUFBank transfers within Hungary1 business dayFree
Bank transfers outside of HungaryNot Supported
*While Lightyear charges no fees for receiving bank transfers, there may be some sending fees charged by the sending and intermediary financial institutions. It’s always best to clarify directly with them before sending if unsure. Read more about SWIFT transfers here.
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