Feature Spotlight: Metrics, analyst ratings, price ratings & company news

Your favourite instrument research tools are now available on Lightyear Web! Just like on your mobile app, you can check out metrics, analyst ratings & price targets and company news on your PC.
Joachim Seminck
Joachim Seminck
Product Engineer
Published 7 months ago
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Metrics, analyst ratings, price ratings on Lightyear
We said it then, and we’ll say it again: knowledge is power. We believe that retail investors should have the same friction-free access to tools professional investors have to make informed investment decisions. That’s why we’ve extended our free tools and analysis to our web app for investors that prefer investing on the big screen.
Here’s a quick overview:
Metrics: A sleek overview of the main metrics to look at when making an investment decision - market cap, EPS, P/E ratio, Beta and dividend rate & yield. We have a detailed rundown on all the main metrics here.
Analyst Ratings & Price Targets: Here you will find information about a stocks’ performance from world class analysts — both price targets, as well as buy, hold and sell recommendations. If you’d like to learn more about analyst ratings & price targets, check out this article.
Financial Performance: This is a high level overview of a company’s revenues and expenses. Useful for seeing how profitable the company is, or whether it’s struggling with cash flows.
Earnings Performance: This is both in the form of reported performances from earnings calls which look into quarterly results of companies, as well as a graph highlighting expected earnings vs actual earnings to establish whether companies beat or miss their targets.
News: Written and streamable news content to keep you up to date on your investments and what might be moving the market.
What’s next? You tell us! We’d love to hear your thoughts on features you’d like to see on Lightyear.
Remember, when you invest your capital is at risk. Doing research prior to making any investment decisions is crucial, and we hope this new feature makes it even easier for you to get all the data you need straight from Lightyear.
Joachim Seminck
Joachim Seminck
Product Engineer