Lightyears’ web app is officially out of beta with publicly available stock screeners

From today, Lightyear customers can access a fully functional web app from signing up, to investing and managing their portfolios: one of the most advanced web apps in the neobroker sector. But that’s not all. The web app now comes with publicly available stock screeners - as per your wishes!
Published 3 months ago
2 minute read
You may remember that we launched a beta version of our web application last year, after over half of our customers said that access to their account and data on a bigger screen is important to them.
Since then, we’ve worked hard on developing the platform based on your feedback and requested features. And now we’re excited to share with you the official web app, fresh out of beta, with some new additional features. New customers no longer need to download the mobile app to get started, and you can invest and manage your portfolio all from desktop.
Lightyear launches Web 2.0 and stock screeners
The new web application also comes with the launch of stock and fund screeners, a directory of instruments with metrics and data. With stock screeners, you can easily navigate the entire Lightyear instrument universe using the following filters:
  • Basic criteria: Market cap, sector, country and fractionals
  • Metrics: Dividend yield, P/E ratio, share price and Beta (a measure of a stock’s volatility relative to the market)
  • Performance: 1-day change
  • Listing: share currency and stock exchange
The directory of instruments is also completely available to the public, enabling all investors - whether a Lightyear customer or not - to explore Lightyears’ instrument universe in full and make informed investment decisions. Our mission remains to make investing more accessible in Europe whilst fostering financial literacy, which is why we’re making these tools accessible to the public.
Although this is the newest version of Lightyears’ web application, Jani Kiilunen, Product Lead at Lightyear, emphasises it is just the foundation of future iterations of the web platform: “Lightyear on Web has quickly become one of the most advanced and intuitive web platforms for investing - while other brokers have kept their customers waiting for years or keep very simple versions of their web apps behind paywalls. Many of our customers are advanced investors that prefer investing on the big screen, which is why this has been a high priority project for us. We want to create a free tool that allows users to make better investment decisions - whether you’re a Lightyear customer or not. We’re only just scratching the surface of what we’re planning for Lightyears’ web application.”
You heard him - this is just the beginning. We’re constantly working on developing our products further to suit your needs, which is why we love to hear your feature requests and feedback. Let us know your thoughts!
When you invest your capital is at risk. Doing research prior to making any investment decisions is crucial, and we hope this new feature makes it even easier for you to get all the data you need straight from Lightyear.