Launching shareholder engagement

Engagement with publicly listed companies has long been exclusive to institutional investors, with retail investors always an afterthought. Today, we’re changing that in 20 European countries.
Published 2 years ago
1 minute read

Engagement is power

Shareholder engagement gives you the opportunity to make the most of your rights as an investor in publicly listed companies. Whenever a US-listed company in your Lightyear portfolio hosts a vote or annual meeting, you’ll get an email notifying you to take part.
This level of shareholder engagement is a first for investors in many countries around Europe, where engagement isn’t offered at all, or comes with too high a price.
We’re so excited to have partnered with Say Technologies to give you a seamless in-app way to engage with your favourite companies and people who run them.
As always, let us know how you find this new feature. And if you have any thoughts, ideas or questions, feel free to reach out to us at — and we’ll take it from there.
When investing, your capital is at risk.