We’ve added new financial analysis metrics

Another batch of metrics, fresh off the press! You can find 18 new metrics on Lightyear to get unique insights and a deeper understanding of stock and fund performance.
Jani Kiilunen
Jani Kiilunen
Lead Product Manager
Published 1 week ago
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Since the beginning, we’ve been working on providing our investors with all the data they need to make informed decisions. That includes robust metrics and access to company and fund financials. We’re continuing to equip investors across Europe with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of the financial markets.
The new metrics span critical dimensions of financial analysis, including company valuation, financial strength, management effectiveness, and growth rates. Investors now have access to a wealth of information, ranging from price-to-book and cash flow ratios to revenue change and return on assets and equity.
Here’s a roundup of what’s new:
  • Valuation data: empowering investors to discern the relative value of a company, offering insights into potential overvaluation or undervaluation.
  • Financial strength data: providing a holistic assessment of a company's ability to manage its debt obligations and sustain profitability.
  • Management effectiveness: offering invaluable insights into the leadership's ability to generate value, benchmarked against industry peers.
  • Growth metrics: illuminating a company's trajectory over time, providing investors with invaluable insights into future growth potential.
New financial analysis metrics
“Lightyear’s goal is to help people in Europe become better investors. That starts with access, which we achieved almost two years ago, but it’s achieved by giving people the data, tools and products that enable smart financial decisions and the ability to build wealth over time. Many of our customers are advanced investors, which is why the new metrics we’re launching today are also essential to support them in building their investment strategies.” - Jani Kiilunen, Product Lead at Lightyear.
Whether you are a seasoned investor or just embarking on your investment journey, check out these new features for yourself and chart a course towards more informed investment decisions.
As always, if you have any feature or metrics requests, we’d love to hear them. Just drop us an email to hello@lightyear.com and we’ll take it from there.
When you invest your capital is at risk. Doing research prior to making any investment decisions is crucial, and we hope this new feature makes it even easier for you to get all the data you need straight from Lightyear.
Jani Kiilunen
Jani Kiilunen
Lead Product Manager