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Depositing into my Lightyear account

Can someone else send me money?
No, you can only deposit from an account that is held in your name. If you have a business account in Lightyear, the funds have to originate from an account held in your business name. Lightyear will return funds that come from a third-party account
How do I deposit funds to my Lightyear balance?
You can deposit in EUR, GBP and USD. If you reside in Hungary, you’ll also have a HUF balance. To start depositing, navigate to the Cash Balance tab in the app, and choose the currency and payment method for your deposit

Card payment

We accept only debit cards and the card must be in your name. To learn about associated fees and more specifics about the cards we accept, see our article Paying by card

Bank transfer

  • To make a bank transfer into your Lightyear account, you need account details for the corresponding currency to enter them into your bank app. Lightyear offers different account details for each currency
  • All account details are meant to be used to deposit only the corresponding currency (e.g. your Lightyear EUR account details will only be able to accept EUR deposits). Be sure to double-check that you are sending the right currency to the right Lightyear account details as otherwise deposits may be rejected or incur additional fees which Lightyear cannot be responsible for
  • Depending on our processes and payment partner, the account holder name you see may differ in different currencies you want to send (e.g. it may be your name or Lightyear account name). Make sure you use the exact details you see in the app and don’t forget to use the payment reference for each transfer you make
  • To learn more about sending US dollars, depending on whether you own a local US account or one outside of the United States, see our article How can I deposit USD?

How long does it take for a deposit to reach my account?

  • Once your deposit reaches Lightyear, it is credited to your account and you'll be notified within the app. You can see our estimated processing times under How long do deposits and withdrawals take and what do they cost?
  • Previous transfer time is not indicative of future processing time because the time it takes for your funds to arrive at Lightyear depends on several factors, e.g. when are you depositing (weekend, holidays, after business hours), how much and what currency you’re sending, as well as your bank’s processes
If the estimated timeframe has been exceeded, feel free to reach out to us below and we’ll look into what may be causing this. In this case, first, ensure the funds have not been sent back to your bank account, and include a transfer confirmation document for us: a receipt, screenshot, or PDF document from your bank that shows all the following information:
  • Your full name
  • Your bank details
  • Receiving bank details
  • The date and time the payment was made
  • The amount sent
  • The currency
If the information isn’t all in one place, you can send 2 documents but both need to show the same bank details — that way we know it’s the same account we’re looking at.
Note that we may need to ask for further information and documents (such as a bank statement) to help you better.
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