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Tax ID and National Identifier

Why do you need my tax ID and national identifier?

We need your tax and citizenship information for account-reporting purposes as a regulated institution. This is designated by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the EU's securities markets regulator.
  • The tax ID is based on the country you pay taxes in
  • The national identifier is based on your citizenship country, even if you don’t live in that country
  • In some countries, the tax ID and national identifier are the same, in which case you only have to enter one number. Don’t worry, the app will guide you through everything to ensure you provide all the necessary information. You can enter this data in the Portfolio tab

What if I don’t have the national identifier you ask?

If the identifier you're asked has been issued to you by your local authorities, you must enter it in Lightyear as well. Only if you have legally never been issued one, we can use a secondary identifier for you. If that’s the case, feel free to reach out to our Support team below.
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