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I want to change my details

If you need to update personal details such as your phone number, email address, name, or address, please contact our support team below and let us know what you want to update. If you’re not writing to us directly from the app, remember to reach out from your verified email address, as we want to keep your account safe and are limited to what help we can provide if you contact us from an unknown email address.
It’s important to highlight that with Lightyear you can only have one account. This means that closing your existing account to open a new one with updated details won’t work. Feel free to write to us if you need to make any changes to your profile.

Phone number or email address

Don’t forget to include your new phone number/email address when reaching out to us. Please note that in order to update your personal information, you may be asked to go through a quick ID verification securely in the app. We'll let you know if that's necessary, so please don't forward us your personal documents through the in-app messaging tool or by email (see more from Verifying my identity and address).


We can only change your name to what it says on your ID document. If you’ve changed your name, please have a valid identity document nearby as we’ll ask you to go through a quick verification with it securely in the app (see more from Verifying my identity and address).
If you want to remove a name that’s displayed in the app, you can do that through your profile settings. Note that your full legal name will still be on statements you can generate in the app.


If you've changed your permanent residency address, please let us know below. We may need to verify your new address with a supporting document. See more here: Verifying my identity and address.

Other profile information

If you've noticed that other information related to your account is incorrect or needs to be updated at any time, please contact our support team below
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