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How can I claim a promo code?

From time to time Lightyear runs promotions (promos) to empower people to discover and learn about investing.
To be able to redeem a promo code there's a few things to check first:
  1. You meet the criteria: check the terms of the promotion you want to use, generally speaking they are only available to new users who haven't claimed any other promotion or referral bonus previously
  2. You're eligible to sign up with Lightyear
  3. You have any supporting documentation you might need to verify yourself. Remember we're a regulated investment firm, and as such may be required to ask additional questions to be able to offer you our services
Once you confirm the above, you can download the app and begin entering your information.
Entering a promo code is easy. It's possible to do while you're signing up, so don't worry if you missed that step. You can enter a promo code after signing up by:
  1. Opening/logging in to your Lightyear app
  2. Navigating to your personal profile view
  3. Selecting settings and then "Promotions"
Once you enter the promotional code, if eligible, you'll see the conditions needed to claim the bonus. It's important to remember only users who complete signing up and a deposit are eligible for Lightyear promotions.
A promotional code intended for your business account is entered via personal account even though its benefits apply to your business account.
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