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Choosing my portfolio currency

You can easily change the currency that your overall portfolio is displayed in through your profile settings.

Important things to know about this:

The currency setting you can select will only ever impact your personal portfolio view. It will give you an estimation of what the sum of all your investments are across any market or currency you’re currently invested in, no matter the denomination(s) of the instruments or cash balances you hold. For example, your portfolio currency is set to GBP, and you hold 100 GBP in cash balances, and 100 USD in securities, we would use the currency exchange rate from the previous business day to display a conversion of the 100 USD and add it to the 100 GBP held to give you a total estimated portfolio value.
We use the “end of previous business day” exchange rate to estimate the value of your portfolio in your chosen currency. The value you see is only ever an estimation and for the most accurate amount, we always suggest you view your portfolio in the same currency as your investments whenever possible.
Individual instrument data will always be shown to you in the currency they are traded in. For example, instruments listed on US markets that are traded in USD will always be shown to you in USD on their respective screens. This is to ensure you know what currency you need to have to buy the relative instrument, as well as to show you more accurate data rather than using an estimated converted value.
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