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How to transfer stocks from Freetrade

We accept stock transfers from Freetrade. Once you've initiated the transfer in our app, you'll need to complete and sign a form which instructs Freetrade to transfer your investments to Lightyear. You can transfer your positions without any change of ownership.
Before completing the form, please note that:
  • Only stocks and ETFs that are tradable in Lightyear can be transferred from Freetrade.
  • Tax data from other brokerages like Freetrade cannot be transferred to Lightyear so please make a note of your cost basis before transferring.
  • Transferring securities can take several weeks.
  • Even if you do not see the securities in your Freetrade account, this does not automatically imply that the securities have been received by Lightyear. Lightyear will show the securities in your account as soon as they’ve been received by us.

1. Complete the Freetrade stock transfer form

You can access the form here. You'll need to provide a few details about your Lightyear account, along with a list of the securities you wish to transfer from Freetrade. For each, you'll need to provide:
  • Number of Units (whole amounts only)
  • ISIN
  • Name of Security

2. Sign the form and return to us

Send the completed and signed form to

3. Sit back & let us take care of the rest

After you submit the form, we will coordinate the next steps with Freetrade.
Once your stock transfer is finished, you will receive a celebratory push notification from us.
Lightyear stock transfer push notification
Your shares will now be available for you to trade within the Lightyear app!
If you had any issues following this guide please do let us know below.
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