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How to transfer stocks from LHV

We accept stock transfers from LHV. Once you've initiated the transfer in our app, you'll need to complete the correct form in LHV to initiate the transfer. Note that the process described below is accurate at time of publication - while we do our best to keep this guide updated, the exact steps may vary.
Note that you'll need to complete this process once for each security you wish to transfer.

1. Get the correct form in LHV

  • Navigate to
  • Select “Internet Bank”
  • Select “Free of payment transfer” or “Makseta väärtpaberikanne” under investing
LHV investing menu

2. Fill out the form In LHV

Enter the following details:
  • Transaction: Sell
  • Security: Non-baltic
  • Account: Select the correct LHV Investment account that holds your shares
  • ISIN: Enter the ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) of the security you want to transfer. For example, if you wanted to transfer shares in Wise PLC, you'd enter GB00BL9YR756.
  • Quantity: Enter the number of shares you want to transfer to Lightyear
  • Price: Enter the current market price of the asset
  • Trade Date: Select a working day that’s two working days from today (e.g. 09.12.2024)
  • Settlement Date: Select a working day that’s three working days from the above trade date (e.g. 12.12.2024)
  • Specify (exchange): This field may not be present. If it is present then select the exchange on which your instrument is traded.
  • Custodian: ABN AMRO
  • Name: Lightyear Europe AS, Volta 1, Tallinn, 10412, Estonia
  • Additional Transfer Details: Copy paste the relevant Standard Settlement Instructions into the box (see below)
Our Standard Settlement Instructions (SSI) vary based on whether you're transferring a UK, US, or EU stock. For UK and US stocks, use these details:
US exchange
  • DTC Number: 3021
  • Clearing Firm: Alpaca Securities
  • Client’s name: Lightyear Europe AS
  • Client’s Alpaca Account Number: 1PS-7386983LO
  • Email:
UK exchange
  • ABN AMRO Clearing Bank N. V.
  • Transfer Type/Place of Settlement: CREST
  • CREST/Participant ID = 585A
  • CREST/Account ID = 585LGY
  • Email:
For EU stocks, please reach out to Lightyear Support below with your stock details and we will advise.
Hit the “Preview” button, then confirm the transfer
LHV securities transfer instruction

4. Sit back & let us take care of the rest

After you submit the form, LHV will coordinate the next steps with us.
Once your stock transfer is finished, you will receive a celebratory push notification from us.
Lightyear stock transfer push notification
Your shares will now be available for you to trade within the Lightyear app!
If you had any issues following this guide please do let us know below.
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