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How to transfer stocks from Shareworks

We accept stock transfers from Morgan Stanley's Shareworks (formerly Solium) platform. Once you've initiated the transfer in our app, you'll need to complete the correct form in Shareworks. Note that the process described below is accurate at time of publication - while we do our best to keep this guide updated, the exact steps may vary.
1. Login to Shareworks platform
Login to the Shareworks portal using your username, account number, or email address.
The Morgan Stanley Shareworks login
Login to the Shareworks portal
2. Select “Sell or transfer”
The exact appearance of your Shareworks portal may differ based on which company stocks you're holding.
The Morgan Stanley Shareworks portal
3. In the Plan Details pop-up, again hit “Sell or transfer”
Sell or transfer on Morgan Stanley Shareworks
4. In the Transact pop-up, enter details for Step 1
Choose the following options:
  • Select “Transfer Shares to Broker”
  • Select “100%”
  • Hit “Continue”
Transfer from Morgan Stanley Shareworks
5. In the Transact pop-up, enter details for Step 3
  • How would you like your shares delivered? Select “Transfer shares to a broker”
  • How would you like your proceeds delivered?” Here Shareworks wants you to add a bank account, as sometimes there will be a small amount of residual cash that they will transfer to this account. You can enter details for any personal bank account.
  • To what brokerage account would you like your shares delivered? Click “Edit Brokerage Account” and follow Step 6, then click “Enter Banking Information” and follow Step 7
Enter brokerage information in Shareworks
6. On the “Edit Brokerage Account” screen
  • Clearing Code/DTC Number: enter "585A"
  • Clearing Code Type: select "CREST - UK"
  • Clearing Code Memo: leave blank
  • Brokerage Firm: enter "Lightyear" - Regardless of if you’re a UK or European resident, the underlying custody accounts are controlled by Lightyear Europe
  • Account Number: enter the email address associated with your Lightyear account
  • Account Currency: select "British Pounds Sterling". Your Lightyear account supports multiple currencies - selecting "British Pounds Sterling" avoids any sneaky charges
  • Contact Name: enter: “Transfers Team”
  • Phone Number: leave blank
  • Fax Number: leave blank
  • Email Address: enter ""
  • Firm Address: you should be able to leave this step blank, but if Shareworks requires it from you then please enter the address for our European HQ. Street Address: Volta 1, Suite, Unit Number, etc: Lightyear Europe, City: Tallinn, State/Province: (leave blank), Postal/Zip Code: 10412, Country: Estonia
  • Click Save: if you have two-factor enabled, you’ll have to enter an one-time password
Enter brokerage information in Shareworks
7. On the “Enter Banking Information” screen
  • Enter your personal banking information
  • Click "Save". If you have two-factor enabled, you’ll have to enter an one-time password
Enter bank information in Shareworks
8. Now you’ll be back on the Step 3 screen after entering the above information
  • If you have two-factor enabled, you’ll have to enter an one-time password
  • Then hit "Continue"
Confirm stock transfer in Morgan Stanley Shareworks
9. Confirmation Screen
  • On the confirmation screen you may see in the summary section that some shares (~5 shares) are being sold
  • This is normal - Shareworks sells some shares to cover the cost of the transfer which is 25 GBP
  • After confirming the details then you can click "Continue"
Shareworks confirmations screen
10. You’re all done!
Shareworks confirmation
Sit back & let us handle your Shareworks transfer
After you submit the form, Shareworks will coordinate the next steps with us. Once your stock transfer is finished, you will receive a celebratory push notification from us.
Lightyear push notification
Your shares will now be available for you to trade within the Lightyear app!
If you had any issues following this guide, please let us know below.
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