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Prices in the app

Market order pricing before and during the execution of order
For instruments listed in the US, the price we display in the app while the market is open is the last known trading price. For instruments in EU exchanges, the pricing is delayed 15 minutes.
It’s important to note that there may be a difference between the last known trading price and the price your order fills for, as all orders are sent to the market and executed at the real-time price. This means that if you place a Market order, it can happen that after your trade has been completed you’ll see that the price per share is different than it was when you were making the order. This is because you agree to pay the Market price which changes intra-second when the market is open, depending on trading volumes.
Market buy order pricing before confirming the order
When you’re about to confirm your buy order, you’ll see that we display the last known trading price per share with an additional 5% buffer. We use this buffer to cover possible price fluctuations when the market opens, and any funds not used will be added back to your account balance after the order is filled.
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