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Axcella Health Inc. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company. The Company is focused on a new approach to treat complex diseases using compositions of endogenous metabolic modulators (EMMs). Its product candidates are comprised of multiple EMMs that are engineered in distinct combinations and ratios with simultaneously impacting multiple biological pathways. Its pipeline includes lead therapeutic candidates for the treatment of Long COVID (also known as Post-COVID-19 Condition and Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC)) associated fatigue, and the treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). AXA1665 is a product candidate for the reduction in risk of Overt Hepatic Encephalopathy (OHE) recurrence in adult patients with liver cirrhosis. AXA1125 is also being developed as a product candidate for the treatment of Long COVID. AXA1125 is an oral product candidate for the treatment of NASH. AXA1125 is an oral product candidate that contains six amino acids and derivatives.





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Analyst Ratings

Majority rating from 2 analysts.

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Average projection from 2 analysts.
48,092.5% upside
High $375.00
Low $10.53
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Income Statement

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0% profit margin
Q2 23
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Company profitability
Beat by 16.67%
Q3 22
Q4 22
Q1 23
Q2 23
Q3 23
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What’s the current market cap for Axcella Health stock?

Axcella Health (AXLA) has a market cap of $13.5M as of April 14, 2024.

What is the P/E ratio for Axcella Health stock?

The price to earnings (P/E) ratio for Axcella Health (AXLA) stock is 0 as of April 14, 2024.

Does Axcella Health stock pay dividends?

No, Axcella Health (AXLA) stock does not pay dividends to its shareholders as of April 14, 2024.

When is the next Axcella Health dividend payment date?

Axcella Health (AXLA) stock does not pay dividends to its shareholders.

What is the beta indicator for Axcella Health?

Axcella Health (AXLA) has a beta rating of 0.91. This means that it is less volatile than the market, on average. A beta of 1 would indicate the stock moves in-line with the market, while a beta of 0.5 would mean it moves half as much as the market.

What is the Axcella Health stock price target?

The target price for Axcella Health (AXLA) stock is $192.77, which is 48092.5% above the current price of $0.4. This is an average based on projections from 2 analysts, and represents their view of what the stock price could be in 12 or 18 months. This should not be seen as investment advice - Lightyear does not carry out investment research.

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