BlackRock ICS Euro Liquidity Fund (Premier)/BRICEKSP

4.02% p.a.

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About this Money Market Fund (MMF)

Fund is to maximize current income consistent with preservation of principal and liquidity by the maintenance of a portfolio of high quality short term "money market" instruments. In pursuit of its investment objective, the Institutional Euro Liquidity Fund may invest in a broad range of transferable securities such as securities, instruments and obligations that may be available in the relevant markets. These types of securities, instruments and obligations may be issued by both Eurozone and non-Eurozone issuers, but shall be denominated in euros.

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BlackRock ICS Euro Liquidity Fund (Premier)

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Blackrock Asset

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Overnight Euro Short-term Rate

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The Fund aims to maximise income on your investment consistent with maintaining capital and ensuring its underlying assets can easily be bought or sold (in normal market conditions). Rated by S&P (AAAm), Moody's (Aaa-mf), and Fitch (AAAmmf).
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1-day yield p.a. (gross)
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Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance. The 1-day yield changes slightly day-to-day and significantly when there is a change to the Central Bank rate. For simplicity, this calculation assumes the 1-day yield does not change.


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