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How can I deposit USD?

We accept USD deposits via card and bank transfers from accounts held in your name.

Depositing via card

Payment methods related to paying by card (including Google/Apple Pay) come with a $500 lifetime fee-free limit. After meeting the cap, each transaction costs 0.5%. To learn about associated fees and more specifics about the cards we accept, see our article Paying by card.

Depositing via bank transfer

All account details are meant to be used to transfer the corresponding currency, therefore do not use the account details of another currency to deposit USD. Make sure you use the exact details you see in the app and don’t forget to use the payment reference for each transfer you make.
  1. Navigate to your Cash balance
  2. Select your USD balance
  3. In this deposit view, you’ll get the details you need to create a transfer in your bank app. The details to use depend on whether your bank offers local or international USD transfers. Be sure to double-check that you are using the right details, otherwise deposits may be rejected or incur additional fees which Lightyear cannot be responsible for

USD account details

To create a local bank transfer, your bank asks for an ACH routing number and an account number. In this case, choose “USD account details” in your Lightyear deposit view. We do not charge you for a local bank transfer.

SWIFT account details

To create an international bank transfer, your bank asks for a BIC code and an IBAN. In this case, choose “SWIFT account details” in your Lightyear deposit view. The banks routing your funds have additional fees and this transfer usually takes longer. See more about this here: SWIFT payments and consult with your bank for estimates on fees and the time it takes to process your payment.

What if I’ve made a USD bank transfer to another currency’s details?

Bank transfers come with some additional fees and usually take longer to reach their destination. If you used other currency’s details, it can take 5 business days (or even longer, depending on where the money is sent) to arrive at Lightyear, after which it will be sent back which can take another 5+ business days. Typically, international USD transfers use the SWIFT network, and you can read about SWIFT payments here. We advise you to reach out to the bank you sent them from, as they should be able to track the payment and give you a better estimation.

How long to USD transfers take?

See the estimation table here.

Withdrawing USD

USD withdrawals are only available to local US bank details. Should you wish to withdraw USD to a US bank account, please contact our Support team below and include a document issued by your bank that includes your name as the account holder as well as the ACH routing number and account number. If you don’t have a local US account, you can convert your funds before withdrawing.

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