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Everything about withdrawals

We only send your (or your business') funds to a bank account in the name of the Lightyear account holder.

How to withdraw funds in the app?

  • Tap on the “Withdraw” button in the corresponding currency account
  • If you’ve already made a bank transfer into your Lightyear account, your bank account is saved to your profile and you can withdraw without any extra steps
  • In case you’ve only deposited using Apple/Google Pay or Debit card options, we don’t have your bank account details yet, so keep them at hand and the app will guide you through how to add them

How long can a withdrawal take?

Once requested, withdrawals may take up to 2 business days to be processed before being sent out to your requested bank account. Transfer times depend on the payout method and once initiated cannot be cancelled. For GBP, EUR, and HUF, your funds should typically arrive within the same banking day. For USD, your funds should typically arrive within 2 banking days after processing.

Can I withdraw the USD I have on my USD account?

USD withdrawals are available to local US bank details. Should you wish to withdraw USD to a US bank account, please contact our Support team below and include a document issued by your bank that includes your name as the account holder as well as the ACH routing number and account number. If you don’t have a local US bank account, you need to convert your funds to your local currency (GBP, EUR, or HUF), which will have a FX fee of 0.35%, before placing a withdrawal request (see Fees and taxes).

The bank account I deposited from is not available as a withdrawal account

If you deposited from an account that does not offer local account details in that currency, you can’t withdraw funds back to it (e.g. you deposited USD from a bank account that has an IBAN).
If you deposited from Wise, at this time, we are unable to verify Wise balance account details in any currency even after successfully receiving a deposit. Should you wish to withdraw to Wise account details, please contact our Support team below and include the account details document (Hungarian: számlaadatokat igazoló dokumentum) issued by Wise for the respective currency in PDF format. Please note that we cannot accept screenshots and require the document issued by Wise.

Why won’t my withdrawal work?

  • You don’t have your bank account in the currency you’re trying to withdraw connected to your Lightyear account. You'd need to either convert your funds before withdrawing or add a bank account first by making a deposit or if offered, tapping on “Create bank account” when withdrawing
  • You don’t have any funds in the currency you're attempting to withdraw and need to convert before withdrawing
  • You are not holding uninvested cash but open positions only
  • Promotional/referral reward can only be withdrawn 30 days after having received it. See Lightyear Sign-up Promotion Terms and Lightyear Refer a Friend Terms
  • You are attempting to add non-local account details as a withdrawal account (e.g. IBAN for USD transfers)
  • If none of the above apply, feel free to reach out to us below

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