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Baltic instruments

Lightyear offers a selection of the most popular Baltic instruments. However, there are some Baltic market specifics that differ a bit from other markets you can invest in.

Baltic instruments account type:

Typically, your Baltic instrument holdings will be held in a nominee account with Nasdaq Baltic. For residents of Estonia, Lightyear offers the ability to open an individual account, however you will have the option to have your holdings held in a nominee account instead.
The differences between individual and the nominee accounts:


  • Individual CSD accounts offer customer securities segregation - a separate securities account opened in your name with the Nasdaq Baltic Central Securities Depository to hold Baltic instruments
  • Your name/business will appear in the shareholder list of the companies that you own
  • Your securities balances are tracked with the Nasdaq Baltic securities depository


  • Your Baltic instruments are held in the Nasdaq Baltic Central Securities Depository and on your behalf in a segregated Lightyear clients’ nominee account along with securities of other Lightyear customers. Customers remain the legal owners of all their investments on Lightyear
  • Your securities balances are tracked by Lightyear
  • “Lightyear Europe AS Clients” will appear in the shareholder list of the companies that you own

Placing trades for Baltic instruments:

All trades will have a 1€ trading fee as for other European exchange trading. You can find more information on pricing here.
Due to generally lower trading volumes on Nasdaq Baltic in comparison to other exchanges, you may receive a partially filled order - however, you’ll be informed of this in the Lightyear mobile and web apps.
Market orders for Baltic instruments are filled by Nasdaq Baltic only in the quantity of shares available at the best price level to protect investors from receiving unfavourable pricing. On Baltic markets, which tend to have lower trading volumes, the use of limit orders is requested.
If your order was filled partially, you’ve only received or sold a part of the quantity initially requested. The remaining order has been cancelled and the funds (for buy orders) or shares (for sell orders) left over have been credited back to your Lightyear account.

How are my Baltic equities kept secure?

All Baltic market equities will be held directly with the Nasdaq Baltic Central Securities Depository, no matter whether your account is held in the individual or nominee types.

How can I transfer my Baltic stocks to Lightyear?

With major Estonian institutions, Lightyear Europe AS has been listed as a custodian for transfer in their web portals to request stock transfers to other brokers. Please contact our support team for your Baltics securities' account number if it’s requested. You can also find more information about stock transfers at this link.
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