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I can't find the stock/ETF I want to invest in

While we’ve added the most popular instruments to our platform, we won’t stop here and are always adding new ones to our list. Hang in there a little while longer while we work on improving the selection.
If you want, you can request an instrument directly in the app:
  1. Write the name in the search bar
  2. Tap on the button at the bottom inviting you to make a request
To set expectations right, this is what happens next: our team goes through customer feedback periodically and when possible makes these instruments available. Adding a stock to the platform depends on several factors (is it traded in a currency and exchange we support, how high is the demand amongst customers, what type it is, and many more) and it may take weeks to process after we have decided to add it.
We have plans to improve the request feature to notify you in the future but for now please use the search function in the app to see if your instrument has been added. You can also keep an eye on "New stocks" and "New ETFs" collections in the Explore tab, and make sure you're subscribed to our newsletters!
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