Empowering The Conversation Around Investing

We're excited to announce the rollout of two brand-new social investing features that allow users to learn from and share insights with one another on the platform. Enter – hiding portfolio values, and following friends.
Jani Kiilunen
Jani Kiilunen
Lead Product Manager
Published 1 week ago
2 minute read
Lead the conversation with confidence
Your investment account is full of sensitive information, so while you want to talk about investing with your friends and show them your Lightyear portfolio, you probably don’t want to share all the numbers around it.
We've also introduced a nifty little feature that allows you to hide your portfolio values - just tap the eye icon next to your portfolio. We want you to be able to showcase the performance of your investments without worrying about revealing the details of your financials.
This way, you can share your insights with confidence and lead the conversation around investing.
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Follow your friends
Users can now opt in to view their contacts on Lightyear (of course, only if they've opted in, too) and choose between a public or private profile on the platform. The default is a private profile, of course.
Public profile: your contacts can see your investments, watchlists, recent activity and sign up using your referral link.
Private profile: your contacts can only sign up using your referral link, but cannot see investment activity.
Don’t worry - your contacts will never be able to see your balances, transaction amounts or personal details in either a public or private profile.
And there you have it! We’re working hard trying to democratise investing at Lightyear; we want to make it more accessible to everyone. So try these new tools out now, and let us know what you think.
When you invest your capital is at risk. Doing research prior to making any investment decisions is crucial, and we hope this new feature makes it even easier for you to get all the data you need straight from Lightyear.
Jani Kiilunen
Jani Kiilunen
Lead Product Manager