Our approach to fees is simple. We believe in:
  • Radical transparency: We’ll always be upfront with any associated charges. We also want to ensure that we charge the smallest amount possible fairly, so if you place an order where the fees will account for 5% or more of its total value, you’ll be presented with a pop-up in the Lightyear app for you to confirm this
  • Honest pricing: Our fees are a combination of covering the costs associated with the service plus a small amount on top that we can reinvest to improve the business
Things you pay us forCost
US shares (per order)0.10% (0.10 min - $1 max)
UK shares (per order)£1
EU shares (per order)€1
Currency conversion using the live interbank exchange rate0.35%
Fast deposit transfer (debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay)
after free £500 lifetime allowance 
SWIFT transfersSee here
These are free
Exchange-traded funds
Multi-currency account
GBP, EUR, and USD deposit account numbers
Securities custody
Local bank transfers in/out
W8-BEN (US tax form)

Applicable taxes

Financial Transaction Tax
A financial transaction tax (FTT) is when a percentage of the asset's value is paid in taxes when traded. FTTs usually apply only to select financial instruments and often have varying tax rates depending on the asset type.
Stamp duty
Stamp duty is the tax governments place on legal documents, usually in the transfer of assets or property.
These taxes apply to anyone who is trading the applicable asset, irrespective of if you are a tax resident of that jurisdiction or not.
Tax jurisdictionType of taxApplicable toAmount
SpainFTTThe Spanish Financial Transaction Tax
(SFTT) will be applied to shares of companies whose head office is located in Spain and whose market capitalisation exceeds EUR 1 billion. 
0.2% on buy orders
FranceFTTThe French Financial Transaction Tax
(FFTT) will be applied to shares of companies whose head office is located in France and whose market capitalisation exceeds EUR 1 billion. 
0.3% on buy orders
ItalyFTTItalian Financial Transaction Tax (IFTT) will be applied to the transfer of the legal ownership of the shares of any category issued by Italian joint stock corporations (società per azioni and società in accomandita per azioni).Pursuant to local applicable legislation
PortugalStamp duty
Service fees in Portugal are subject to  Stamp Duty*. The Stamp duty percentage is calculated from the fees paid to Lightyear by a customer. Currently, it is calculated from the conversion fee of a transaction and is paid to the Portuguese Tax Authorities (“PTA”) by Lightyear.
*paid by Lightyear
United KingdomStamp dutyStamp Duty Reserve Tax (SDRT) will be applied when you buy existing shares in a company incorporated in the UK, shares in a foreign company that has a share register in the UK and rights arising from such shares.0.5% on buy orders
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