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How can I deposit USD?

We currently accept USD deposits via card and bank transfer. To start your USD deposit, tap on “Deposit” in the USD account balance in the Lightyear app.
Payment methods related to paying by card (including Google/Apple Pay) come with a $500 lifetime fee-free limit. After meeting the cap, each transaction costs 0.5% (see "Fees and taxes").
Can I make a USD bank transfer?
Currently, we only support bank transfers to our local US bank details. All account details are meant to be used to transfer the corresponding currency, therefore do not use the account details of another currency to deposit USD. If you wish to make a deposit to your USD bank details from a bank account located outside the United States, please contact our Support team below for further assistance.
USD withdrawals are available to local US bank details. Should you wish to withdraw USD to a US bank account, please contact our Support team below and include a document issued by your bank that includes your name as the account holder as well as the ACH routing number and account number.
What if I’ve made a USD bank transfer to another currency’s details?
Bank transfers come with some additional fees and usually take longer to reach their destination. It can take 5 business days (or even longer, depending on where the money is sent) to arrive at Lightyear, after which it will be sent back which can take another 5+ business days. Typically, international USD transfers use the SWIFT network, and you can read about SWIFT payments here: “SWIFT payments”. We advise you to reach out to the bank you sent them from, as they should be able to track the payment and give you a better estimation.
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