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My deposit hasn't arrived

The time it takes for Lightyear to receive funds you send depends on things like:
  • The currency you’re sending
  • Payment method used
  • When the deposit was sent (e.g. banking hours, weekends, bank holidays, etc.)
  • The amount
Since your Lightyear account is in your name, you can only send deposits from your personal bank account that’s also in your name. Any attempts from a business account or someone else’s bank account will not be completed.
The first thing to do is always check how long it usually takes for your funds to arrive. You can see our estimated processing times under "How long do deposits and withdrawals take and what do they cost?".
If you made an USD bank transfer, please see: "How can I deposit USD?".
If the expected timeframe has been exceeded please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team. It’s helpful if you attach a proof of payment which has the information we’ll need that will help us trace the payment.
A proof of payment is a receipt, screenshot, or document from your bank that shows the following information:
  • Your full name
  • Your bank details
  • Receiving bank details
  • The date and time the payment was made
  • The amount sent
  • The currency
If the information isn’t all in one place, you can send 2 documents. Both will need to show the same bank details — that way we know it’s the same account we’re looking at.
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