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How can I close my account?

In accordance with applicable financial regulations, we store submitted personal data and associated account information for at least 5 years after closure.
Please know that we can not deactivate your account unless you have zero balance in cash and instruments – hence you would have to close all your positions and withdraw your funds before deactivation and contacting us.
  • The steps to be taken in the app to close your entire existing position: you can tap on “Sell”, choose the selling format “Number of shares” and tap “Sell max”.
  • When withdrawing your funds, if you don't have a personal bank account in the currency you currently hold your funds, you may want to convert such funds before withdrawing. If a currency conversion takes place, please note there is an FX fee of 0.35%. See "Everything about withdrawals" for more.
To deactivate your account, please get directly in touch with the Lightyear support team below.
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