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Why did Lightyear close my account?

Finding your account has been closed is a frustrating experience. We’ll never close an account without good reason but unfortunately, due to being a regulated financial institution, we are sometimes limited in what we can say about account closures.
It’s generally done to keep our platform safe for our users and to prevent bad actors committing financial crime.
Some broad reasons why we close accounts are:
  • we can't offer our services based on residency, citizenship or tax obligations
  • we are given false or misleading information
  • a user has duplicate Lightyear accounts - we only permit one per customer
  • we have good reason to believe the security of an account has been compromised
This list is includes common examples but is non-exhaustive. You can read more about this in our terms of service policy.
We can’t always be specific about why we’ve closed an account, explaining the details that lead to us closing accounts could help fraudsters get around our security controls.
If you have any questions about your account, get in touch with our support team below.
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