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How does the Referral program work?

If you’re enjoying your Lightyear account, why not share the word with your friends, too. Because everyone should have access to truly friction-free investing.

Who can send referrals?

Our most active and loyal users are rewarded with access to our referral program. This is because we believe that to be able to genuinely refer our platform to your loved ones, you first need to have tried and tested it. We do not provide the exact steps on how to qualify, but when your account becomes eligible for the referral program, you will be notified in the app and see an invitation at the top right corner of the app.

How do the invites work?

Qualifying users will receive a notification from Lightyear once they have been added to the referral program. The reward amount currency depends on where the inviter is located. For specific information on our current referral program, please see our referral scheme terms linked below.
This reward is for you to invest in any stock you wish — no more spinning the wheel and hoping you’ll get lucky!
If your business account becomes eligible for the referral program, you can still only invite friends to open a personal Lightyear account and the reward for your friend cannot be moved from their personal account to their business account if they choose to open one.

What do the invitees need to do?

In order for you both to claim the reward, your invitees will have to complete signing up and then fund their Lightyear account with the minimum deposit specified in the terms linked below from their personal bank account.
Only personal Lightyear accounts can be invited and benefit from the referral bonus.
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