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Best execution and price improvements

As a licensed and regulated investment firm, we partake in best execution - meaning the prices we give our customers must be within the range that's comparative to other brokers. Please know that if you believe there’s an issue with the price you’ve received for an order, it’s typically not related to best execution. For a bit more on pricing, you can see that in detail at Prices in the app. If getting an exact price is an important factor, limit orders instead of market orders may be more appropriate. You can read the pros and cons of each from Market vs Limit orders: What are they?
Nevertheless, best execution may not work as intended by our brokerage partners, the execution venues, or the exchanges themselves. If this happens, we may receive updated information about trades that were affected, and we’ll let you know about those either by email or as an in-app notification with the relevant information and what steps have been taken.
You’ll also be able to find our full Best Execution Policy at this link, as well as the list of execution venues and brokers we partner with here.
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