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How to transfer stocks from Interactive Brokers

We accept stock transfers from IBKR (InteractiveBrokers). Once you've initiated the transfer in our app, you'll need to complete the correct form from IBKR to initiate the transfer. Note that the process described below is accurate at time of publication - while we do our best to keep this guide updated, the exact steps may vary.
1. Head to the IBKR portal
  • Login to IBKR
  • Select “Transfer & Pay”
  • Select “Transfer Positions”
InteractiveBrokers portal
2. Fill out the InteractiveBrokers transfer form
First, select "Outgoing":
InteractiveBrokers transfer positions screen
Then select “All Other Regions” and then “Free of Payment Transfer of Global Securities”:
InteractiveBrokers - free of charge global securities transfer
Finally enter the following details into the form:
  • Financial Institution: Select “Lightyear Europe”
  • Your Account Number at Financial Institution: Enter the email address associated with your Lightyear Account
  • Name of Account Holder at Financial Institution: This should be automatically filled by IBKR
  • Account Type: Select “Individual” for Personal Lightyear accounts or “Organization” for Lightyear Business accounts
  • Country of Financial Institution: Select “Estonia”. This is because our Estonian entity controls the custody accounts
  • Contact email of your Financial Institution: Enter ""
  • Save Financial Institution Information Select “Yes”
  • Saved Financial Institution Name: Enter “Lightyear”
  • Transfer all assets: Select “No", then select the stock you would like to transfer and the quantity
Hit "Continue". You'll be prompted to verify the transfer by entering your name. Hit "Continue" again to complete the process.
InteractiveBrokers - transfer recipient details screen
3. Sit back & let us take care of the rest
After you submit the form, InteractiveBrokers will coordinate the next steps with us.
Once your stock transfer is finished, you will receive a celebratory push notification from us.
Lightyear stock transfer push notification
Your shares will now be available for you to trade within the Lightyear app!
If you had any issues following this guide please do let us know below.
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