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What is a spin-off?

Remember that the appropriate action to take after a spin-off depends on your unique circumstances, risk tolerance, and investment strategy. If you're uncertain, you might want to consult with a financial advisor.

What is a spin-off and why does it happen?

A spin-off is when a company creates a new independent company. This allows the two companies to operate separately with its own structure. Overall, spin-offs are aimed to optimise a company's operations, improving shareholder value, and allowing different parts of the business to thrive independently.

What happens after the stock I own goes through a spin-off?

It’s important to note that each spin-off is unique, and it’s best to follow official communications directly from the source to understand the exact details of the event and how it will impact your holdings. When a stock you own goes through a spin-off, you may receive stocks of a new, independent company and these shares will trade separately.
Lightyear strives to also send you an email to your verified email address about the spin-off, however please note that the email may not always be sent prior to the event.
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