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What is an acquisition?

It's important to carefully review the details of an acquisition and if needed consult with financial advisors to make informed decisions.

What is an acquisition and why does it happen?

An acquisition refers to the process where one company buys another company. The two companies might continue to operate separately or merge and become one company. Examples of why an acquisition happens include:
  • To expand into new markets or regions
  • To enter a new industry or market
  • To broaden their product or service offerings

What happens after the stock I own goes through acquisition?

It’s important to note that each acquisition is unique. If a stock you own is going through an acquisition process, it’s best to follow official communications directly from the source. Some general scenarios are:
  • You receive cash for your stocks
  • You receive stocks of the acquiring company
  • You receive both cash and stocks
Lightyear strives to also send you an email to your verified email address about the acquisition, however please note that the email may not always be sent prior to the event.
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