If the address on your Lightyear account is in the European Economic Area (EEA), you can deposit up to €500 fee-free by debit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay with a 0.5% fee after this lifetime limit has been reached. Deposits by these methods are counted in combination together towards the lifetime limit. For example, if you’ve deposited €300 by debit card, and €200 by Apple Pay, you’ve reached your lifetime limit. As well, if you go over the free limit within a transaction, we only will charge the fee on the amount over the free limit.
We only accept personal debit cards that:
  • Are in the name of the Lightyear account holder
  • Have a Visa or Mastercard logo
  • Have 3DSecure (Verified by Visa or Mastercard Securecode) active
  • Are issued in the same country as the address on your account
  • Are not a business, corporate, or prepaid card
You can’t cancel deposits paid by card that have been completed, and any deposited funds can only be withdrawn to a bank account you’ve successfully deposited from previously.
To find out how long your card deposit may take, see "How long do deposits and withdrawals take and what do they cost?".
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