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How to transfer my stocks?

How can I start the process to transfer my stocks into Lightyear?

First, ensure your current broker can process transfers out of their platform. When that’s confirmed, go to your profile view and open the Settings screen by tapping the cog icon. Scroll down and hit “Transfer stocks to us”. You'll be prompted to select the stock you wish to transfer to us. If you don't find your stock in the list, this means we don’t have it in our selection and can’t accept this transfer. We accept whole shares and the value of each position must be at least $1000. You can only transfer exercised, regular stocks – Lightyear does not accept non-qualified stock options (NSO).
You'll then need to enter a few small details so that we can send the correct stock transfer guide to you. All you need to do then is follow our guide to initiate a stock transfer from your current broker and then we’ll take over for the rest! If you can’t find your broker in the list, use the form below in the next section.

Where can I transfer my stock over from?

  • If your broker does not appear in the list below, we may still be able to help you transfer your holdings to Lightyear – in this case, if your broker offers stock transfers out, fill in this form to arrange a transfer and forward it to the transfers team as indicated in the form. Should there be any issues why we can't accept this transfer, we'll let you know
  • Don’t forget to initiate a stock transfer in your current broker’s platform as well – only when we hear from them, we can start processing it
We have detailed step-by-step guides for the following brokers:
We do our best to keep these instructions up-to-date but note that the flow can change depending on your broker's platform and processes.

How much does the transfer cost?

We don’t charge you for the transfer but your current broker might, so please be aware of any costs during the process. Your current broker might ask you to pay or sell some of the stock to cover for the transfer fee.

How long does it take?

There are only a few steps required from you to initiate a stock transfer. At present, this is a manual process. The time it takes for transfers to appear in your Lightyear account may vary, and it often depends on the practices of your existing broker. If your existing broker uses older systems, the process may take longer or involve additional complexities.
We'll aim to keep you updated throughout via notifications. Please note that the transfer timeline is largely controlled by the originating broker and requires their action.

Can I transfer my stocks out of Lightyear?

At this time, we don't support direct stock transfers out of Lightyear accounts. We're working on adding this feature. Until then, you can liquidate your positions and transfer the funds back to your bank account.

Can I move stocks from my personal account to my business account?

Yes! You can request to move stocks from your personal Lightyear account over to your Lightyear business account. To request that, reach out to us below and we'll give you further instructions.
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