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Nishil leads Product at Lightyear 🚀 | Previously built investment products at Revolut | Likes investing in companies that build products we use everyday | Supports LFC ⚽
Nishil Parekh
Nishil Parekh
Published 3 years ago
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What's your investment style?

Having worked in tech for a number of years, I enjoy investing in technology companies with strong missions that are disrupting industries with large "old school" incumbents. Outside of tech, I like to keep things simple and invest in companies whose products and services I use on a regular basis. Whether that's Peloton for my fitness or Airbnb for when I travel, I like to support brands who make awesome things that bring value to my day to day life.

My portfolio

Below shows Nishil's investment portfolio with Lightyear. This data was taken from Lightyear's investment app on Thursday 14th October 2021. These views are my own.
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Your last investment?

"My latest investment was in Square, which is my largest holding. It’s exciting to see the company launch so many cool features and products in recent years such as stock investing and crypto for consumers, as well as other services for e-commerce. I think the company has a strong brand and with a visionary CEO in Jack Dorsey, I hope Square continues to come out with innovative products and services in the short and long term."
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Nishil Parekh
Nishil Parekh