This page includes terms for promotions ran by Lightyear Financial Ltd. Please make sure to familiarise yourself with the terms of each promotion you wish to partake and also Lightyear's Terms of Service, available here.

Double your deposit

Date: Thursday, 13 October 2022
  1. This Double Your Deposit promotion (Promotion) is valid for fully onboarded customers of Lightyear that meet conditions laid out in Lightyear’s Terms of Service. Customers with suspended or terminated accounts cannot take part in this Promotion.
  2. To participate in this Promotion, You must deposit at least £ 100 to your Lightyear account from 13th of October 2022 to 31st of October 2022. You do not need to hold this in your Lightyear account in cash, You can invest this money via Lightyear and still be eligible to participate in this Promotion. You must not withdraw this deposit from your account before 3rd of November 2022.
  3. We will randomly choose one winner from all eligible deposits on 3rd of November 2022. The winner shall be chosen randomly by using third-party software. The winner shall be notified via email on the same day.
  4. Lightyear shall match the winner’s deposit up to £ 1,000.
  5. The prize shall be credited within one week from announcing the winner, to the winner’s Lightyear account.
  6. We reserve the right to disqualify any customer at any time from participation in the Promotion if they do not comply with any of these terms.
  7. If Lightyear identifies abusive behaviour aimed to take advantage of this Promotion contrary to the Promotion’s purposes, Lightyear may disqualify such customers at any time from participation in the Promotion. Lightyear may also disqualify the winner and select another winner if the original winner violated our Terms of Service or terms of this Promotion.
  8. The winner’s first name and the first letter of the last name shall be publicly announced, in order to notify participants of the Promotion that the winner has been selected.
  9. This Promotion is run in collaboration with Lightyear Financial Ltd and Lightyear Europe AS. Lightyear Financial Ltd and Lightyear Europe AS shall jointly select one winner from all the participants. For avoidance of doubt, this means that Lightyear Financial Ltd and Lightyear Europe shall only select one winner in total, not one winner each.
  10. Regarding matters not covered by this Promotion, the parties will apply the terms laid out in the Terms of Service.