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Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) for business

What s an LEI?
A Legal Entity Identifier, also known as an LEI, uniquely identifies your business. It's required by law for businesses trading stocks in Europe. If you’ve already registered an LEI — we’ll find it for you during onboarding, all you need to do is confirm the details. If you don’t yet have an LEI, you can generate one within the Lightyear app
How much does it cost?
When purchasing an LEI through Lightyear, we charge cost price of £40 + VAT for UK businesses
My LEI code is about to expire
  • Whether you bought it from us or not, we'll send you a reminder that it's soon time to renew it
  • If you bought an LEI code from us, you can renew it in our app
  • If you bought an LEI code elsewhere, you should continue renewing it through your provider as we can't move the renewing over to Lightyear. Once renewed we'll automatically receive this information and update your Lightyear account
  • New LEI code will expire in 1 year after being renewed
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