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How are Lightyear's Vaults high interest?

The table contains similar MMF interest-earning products in the UK. With Lightyear's Vaults, you'll get the highest rate available out of all flexible interest-earning products that have no account opening criteria or min/ max amounts, as of 15th May 2024. Please note that these products may offer different deposit protection, however, money market funds often aren’t insured by the FSCS like bank deposits are as they’re investments into the stock market. As with all investments, the principal invested in an MMF is capable of fluctuation and capital is at risk.
CompanyGBP rate (AER)Criteria
Plum4.96%1 business day to process withdrawals
Wombat4.91%Min of £500 and max of £250,000; withdrawals only once per month
RevolutUp to 4.75%Amount earned depends on level membership (paid subscriptions)
Wise4.66%Access to funds within 2 business days
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