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Do I have to download the app, or do you have a website?

Our trading product is available on our Android and iOS mobile apps as well as on our web application on our website. Remember, when investing your capital is at risk. Seek professional guidance if needed.

Mobile app

To download the mobile app, go to your app store and search Lightyear. You can download the app and use our services only if you permanently reside in one of the countries we are already available in (see “What services do you offer and in which country?”).
  • If you are located in one of the countries we are available in but can’t find the app, ensure your location settings in the App (Apple) or Play (Android) Stores are correct. If you're using an iPhone, the instructions to check/change your country/region can be found here, and if you're using an Android device, they can be found here. As well, please ensure that if you have multiple accounts signed in on your device, that the correct one has been selected when you are browsing the App/Play Store.


It’s our first version of a web application. It means at the moment only users who are already onboarded can log in via the web version of Lightyear. You have to first be logged into your account on your phone to login on the web.
How to log into the web app?
  1. Start by tapping on “Login” at the top of our website
  2. You need to authenticate the login via your phone, which is logged into your Lightyear account. You can either: a) use your phone camera to scan the QR code you see on the website, which then redirects you to the Lightyear app to approve that the login attempt is coming from you b) use the ‘Scan web QR code’ button from your profile in the Lightyear app
Web features and feedback
The first version of web comes with fewer features than you’re used to seeing in the mobile app but we continue building it to offer you the best web version of Lightyear, including users’ most requested features.
At the bottom of the application, you’ll see a form to share your thoughts about the web version. We truly want you to like the web app and are keen to hear what you think.


We don’t offer an API or other similar functions at this time.
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