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What is Lightyear?

Lightyear is a simple and approachable way to invest your money globally without unnecessary barriers or fees. We make investing approachable with a simple and easy-to-use app on mobile and web.

What problems are we solving?

  • Expensive and opaque fee structures: Traditional players often have hidden and high cost fees
  • Limited access to markets: Local brokers often offer bad access to global markets
  • Limited information and education: Typically lacking or hard to understand
We’re at the beginning of our journey and haven’t solved the entire problem just yet, but believe that we’re already Lightyears ahead of the incumbents.

What do we offer?

We give you access to:
  1. A multi-currency account to deposit, hold and convert across three different currencies. Find out more by reading How does my multi-currency account work?
  2. Over 3500 mixed fractional and non-fractional stocks from US, UK and EU markets as well as access to international ETFs. This list is continually growing. See our Stock screener and Fund screener
  3. Interest on uninvested funds. Read more about this feature here: How does interest work?
Our mission does not stop there as we also believe in helping you become a better investor. To do this, we’re building bespoke tools that are tailored to your needs, no matter if you’re at the beginning of your investment journey or a seasoned expert.
In the app you’ll find:
  • Custom charts
  • Instrument fundamentals
  • Analyst ratings & price targets
  • Financials, news and more
We’re passionate about continuously evolving and ensuring you have the best tools available at your fingertips. Our services vary depending on where you are based. To find out exactly what you’ll have access to, see: What services do you offer and in which country?.

How much does it cost?

Visit our Fees and taxes article for more on the cost of using Lightyear.
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