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Stocks, funds and up to 4.50% interest earned on uninvested cash.
Regulated by the EFSA
What gives us the edge

We do things differently

From saving on fees to paying you interest, we make sure you get the most out of your money.
Earn up to 4.50% interest

Your money is always working

Sitting alongside your investments, any uninvested cash is earning interest. There’s no catch. We pass earned interest back to you at the central bank rates, after a flat 0.75% fee.

Take control of conversion fees

We don’t charge for ETFs

Your money is always working
Investments on Lightyear

Asset types to suit every investor

Growing wealth over the long term or hedging against risk? We’ve got tools and asset types to suit every investor.
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US stocks

3,000+ US stocks across the NYSE and Nasdaq.

The world’s largest stocks
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Safe & trusted

Keeping your money safe

Trusting us with your investments is something we do not take for granted.
Multi-country regulationGovernment insuranceSafeguarding your assets

Regulated in the UK by the FCA

We’re an appointed representative of RiskSave Technologies Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 775330).

Regulated in the EU by EFSA

We’re authorised and regulated by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority (4.1-1/31) and authorised to operate across the European Union.